What is Transfer Of Going Concern (“TOGC”) and how it can save VAT on purchase of a property

Securing a transfer of going concern (TOGC) when purchasing a property is a good way to save money by purchasing it as a business asset. Any transaction that qualifies for TOGC avoids paying the value-added tax on that property, provided they fall within the rules of the TOGC. In this article, we’re going to find out what a transfer of going concern, also known as TOGC, is and how it can save VAT on the purchase of a property.

What is the transfer of going concern (TOGC)?

If you buys a property that is registered for VAT “Opted to Tax”, you usually have to pay VAT on the purchase of the property, which is set at 20%. Although this can be reclaimed later, it can present with a stressful strain in the short term on your cash flow. However, in some cases, you can structure the transaction in such a way that the VAT can be avoided entirely, which brings significant savings in the process. This can occur when the seller is transferring a business to the buyer and certain conditions are met, which is known as a transfer of going concern.

There are a few rules that the transaction must adhere to if it wants to enjoy TOGC treatment, including:

• The property buyer must conduct the same type of business that the seller has established with the property. A common example of this is renting a property out to tenants. It’s not restricted to this though, so in some cases, the buyer might occupy the property after buying the seller’s business too.

• If the property seller is VAT-registered, then the buyer must also be VAT-registered.

• If the seller was going to be charged VAT for the sale of the property, then the buyer must choose to tax the property accordingly.

• The property buyer must let the seller know that any option to tax won’t be removed.

One of the biggest appeals of opting for a TOGC treatment is that it allows you to save the cost of VAT on a property purchase. With that said, HMRC doesn’t confirm whether or not a property transaction is suitable for TOGC treatment. As a result of this, it’s always a good idea for both buyers and sellers to bring in the expert advice of a professional to guide the process.

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