4 reasons you know your current accountant is not right for you

Anyone running their own business in the UK knows how important keeping on top of their accounts is. From annual tax returns to quarterly VAT returns, monthly payroll and more, this is an area you cannot afford to ignore. The best option for most business owners is to hire an accountant because they have the time and expertise to look after it all for you. Not all accountancy firms are created equal though and this sees some providing a poor service to clients

But how can you work out if your current accountant is not a good fit for you?

1. Hard to contact

Whether you need an accountant for self-assessment returns, bookkeeping or VAT return, they must be easy to contact. They must also be easily reachable when you have queries or issues you need to resolve with them. If your current accountant never answers their phone or takes weeks to reply to emails, this means they aren’t reliable and you should look elsewhere.

2. They are rude and give bad advice

It goes without saying that both of these things are reasons to ditch your current accountant and look for a better one. Whether it is guidance around business plans, tax issues or company forecasts, you must be with an accountant who gives accurate advice. In addition, aim to hire an accountant who is approachable and deals with you professionally.

3. High costs

All businesses around Aberdeenshire know how key it is to keep an eye on their outgoings. While it is true to say you get what you pay for mostly, you may not be with the right accountant if their fees are very expensive compared to other firms. If you can get the same support and level of service elsewhere for less money, then it might be time to move on.

4. Not up to date with MTD/Cloud accounting

Although Cloud accounting is not the be all and end all, working with an accountant who knows packages like QuickBooks and Dext is wise. This simply gives you more flexibility in how you manage your accountants and can also make things a lot easier.

With Making Tax Digital already in play for some companies and looming on the horizon for others, platforms like these will only become more essential in time. If your current accountant is not up to date with either MTD or Cloud accounting, you might need to look at other options.

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